Covid Update 30th November 2020

Latest Restrictions December 2020 - Tiers 2 and 3

Dear Customers and friends

Lockdown officially ends on Wednesday 2nd December but our advice from then on remains the same -

Do not visit your boat if you do not have to.

Marinas in Tier 3. Nottingham, Kings Bromley, Ventnor, Wigrams Turn and Trinity

The marinas are open to support our communities who live onsite. For leisure users - No overnight stays on boats, no socialising indoors or out. The marinas are private property and are not classed as outdoor public spaces. If you can – stay away from the marina.

Marinas in Tier 2. Crick, Cropredy, Buckden, Royal Clarence, Birdham Pool

The marinas are open to support our communities. Leisure users may visit their boats, but overnight stays are not advised.

We have additional measures in place at all our marinas to help reduce covid contamination, but you must take responsibility for your own actions and ask yourself the question – do I really need to visit my boat? We can assure you that it is in good hands!

Please check each marina as there may be reduced opening hours, and updates are posted regularly on facebook.

The Castle Marinas team